My Vision

My vision for the position of VP Bylaw and Policy is two-fold. The first aspect of it is to facilitate the development of party bylaws and policy by the grassroots. I believe the primary means of this engagement in the developmental phase should be the Constituency Associations as this will strengthen them and their position in the party. I do believe there must also be a secondary means of submitting a proposal too, by a group of members. This allows for more flexibility and openness in the process.

Having said that, it is important to find the right balance to prevent the process being choked with too many proposals at one time. To find this balance and determine how many members should be required to support a proposal in order for it to be considered I would engage the Provincial Policy and Governance Committee (PPGC) and seek input from the party membership.

The second part of my vision is to strengthen the lines of communication between both VP Bylaw and Policy and the PPGC with our CAs and membership in general. I truly believe this process must be as open as possible and that every member of the party is entitled to both input and updates on a regular basis.

Given the size of the party, I know this will be demanding and require a great deal of hard work, but I know I am up to the task and that the membership deserve nothing less.

If you have any questions regarding my vision or anything else please don’t hesitate to contact me and I shall endeavour to answer them.